Aerospace Actuators

Applications of Aerospace Actuators

As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered and AS9100C certified company, Nook Industries has been in the linear motion business since 1969. Nook Industries is a world leader in the production of precision actuation, providing a continued commitment to leading edge manufacturing and cost-effective products for the most advanced applications within the aerospace industry.

Companies within this industry primarily provide support services such as aircraft inspection, testing, assembly and maintenance platforms as well as aircraft repair and overhaul. Typical aerospace products include ball screw assemblies, acme screw assemblies, electric cylinders and linear actuators used in a wide range of the industry specific applications.

Aerospace applications integrating Nook technology include:

  • Aircraft assembly platforms
  • Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) systems
  • Seat adjustment systems
  • Cockpit seat adjustments

Nook's full line of linear motion components and systems sets industry standards in customer satisfaction and product expertise with the ability to customize all linear motion solutions. Engineering solutions for challenging aerospace designs, let Nook put it's one of a kind experience in designing and manufacturing your exclusive products. Contact us to learn more about our aerospace actuators, actuator systems and more.


Application Spotlight: Facilitating Commercial Aircraft Maintenance with Nook Ball Screws

Uni-Systems secured a contract from American Airlines to develop a sophisticated maintenance stand for conducting annual required maintenance on its Boeing 777 and 767 class aircraft. With Nook Ball Screws, the system is designed to:

  • Supported major design revision
  • Provided long vertical travel under heavy loads
  • Accelerated docking and de-docking time
  • Increased safety

"Reliability was of prime importance on this project. If there is a problem in the hangar, we have to be able to de-dock the plane in less than 20 minutes. The four Nook ball screws that raise each of two sections of the bridge, a long horizontal tube that runs the length of each side of the plane, have to move this 400,000-pound structure very quickly to meet that requirement. The Nook components offered the best combination of efficiency and low-power requirements at the best price."

- Mike Becker, Lead Engineer Uni-Systems


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