Precision Rolled Screw technology with ground ball nuts cut into traditional manufacturing lead times and save money.

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40 Years of screw rolling innovation allows PMBS™ to replace costly ground product with T5 ISO class precision rolled screws and preloaded ball nuts


Precision Metric Ball Screw Solves Airplane Wing Challenge


The aerospace industry is continually pressured to exceed the expectations of businesses and consumers while adhering to stringent guidelines and regulations. A customer application required a system that would serve two critical functions during the attachment of airplane wings to the main body of the aircraft. First, the system would need to position a five-axis arrangement used to drill holes in the airplane wing box. Second, the system must accurately position the airplane wing and wing box for final assembly. The unique configuration of the machine prevented the servo motor from conventionally mounting at the end of the ball screw. In addition, the five axis interpolated move needed a stiff mechanical system.


Nook Industries provided a solution that met all of these requirements. The PMBS™ 32x10 ball screw assembly, combined with a STOBER EZM series hollow bore motor, gave the customer the functionality that was desired. With this solution, the customer could also save much needed space by positioning the motor under the machine carriage.

Nook Advantages:

  • PMBS™ offers pre-loaded zero backlash option
  • No modifications to the STOBER EZM hollow bore servo motor were necessary, as the PMBS™ has standard DIN mounting dimensions
  • Design and supply of custom end mounts
  • Engineering assistance through design phase
  • Increased life expectancy, efficiency, and reliability

Customer Benefits:

  • Elimination of the need to re-design of the machine to accommodate conventional mounting of the servo motor
  • Overall improved machine performance with a stiffer mechanical system
  • Cleaner design as motors are not hanging off the end of the machine

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