DLZ-200 Modular Actuator

One of the largest and fastest actuators increases productivity and efficiency of plastic bucket picking operations.

Modular Actuators

5 Gallon Plastic Bucket Picking


Over the years, factory automation has changed significantly. Manufacturing facilities continue to look for faster and better solutions that will help heighten productivity, improve quality and simplify production. Fast actuators can help achieve these goals. One customer in particular needed a very fast actuator to move a set of grippers in front of the unload station of a five gallon plastic bucket injection molding machine. Nook Industries provided a modular actuator to meet the requirements of this application.


The DLZ-200 modular actuator was designed as one of Nook’s largest and fastest actuators available. The actuator successfully runs all day at over four meters per second. As the system runs, the buckets are pulled off of the tooling head by vacuum cups. This particular application required that the actuator system run very quickly, which meant that the weight of all components needed to be minimized as much as possible.

Nook Advantages:

  • Proven modular actuator quality
  • Made in USA

Customer Benefits:

  • Fast actuator motion
  • Increase productivity

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