Scanner Positioning

Application Description

A vision system scanner is mounted to the center of the carriage of a vertically mounted linear slide actuator system. The customer wants to use one inch open pillow blocks to guarantee a long life.

Step 1: Determine Specifications:

  • Scanner weight is 100 pounds
  • The center of gravity is offset 4 inches from the carriage plate
  • The adjustment distance is 36 inches
  • Minimal deflection desired
  • Hand adjustment with future automation planned
  • A travel life of 10 million inches is desired

Step 2: Analysis:

Configuration: A standard system with carriage plate and fully supported shafts will assure minimal deflection.

The load is centered and offset four inches. Use the equations from the load condition figure "Vertically Mounted" to determine the worst case force through a bearing. The distance from the load to the center line of the shaft (d2) is 4 + 1.187 or 5.187 inches. The bearing spacing (d0) is set by the carriage plate; d0 = 7 inches. Based on a design factor of 2, the load per bearing is 74 pounds. This is far below the rated value of a one inch open bearing.

NOTE: When using open-style bearings, if the direction of loading force is through the opening of the bearing, it is necessary to de-rate the bearing capacity by 50%.

Step 3: Product Selection:

Nook Series 133 consisting of a double shaft fully supported linear side actuator system with Carriage 1 and four (4) single bearing blocks.

The linear motion systems Part List Is:
Figure 1


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