Distributor Conveyor Application

Application Description

An agricultural conveyor system distributes filler material across a 48 inch wide packaging line. One end of the conveyor is hinged to a loading station, the other end must move across the conveyor. The right linear motion systems are needed to operate the conveyor system.

Step 1: Determine Specifications

  • The maximum load from the conveyor with material is 1,100 pounds
  • A servo drive will be used to control the actuator
  • The conveyor will move 480 times an hour, 16 hours a day, 350 days per year
  • Life expectancy is 5 years
  • Stroke length is 24 inches maximum
  • Minimum Travel Rate is 24 inches in 3 seconds

Step 2: Analysis

In-Line cylinder systems will be used because of the frequent cycle requirement. With a travel rate of 480 inches per min ((24 inches / 3 seconds) * 60 seconds) and a life expectancy of 15 million inches, an ILA-10-HL is selected. The application would require a servomotor that can produce 96.8 inch-lbs of torque (0.088 inch-lbs * 1,100 lbs) at 960 rpm (480 inches per min / .500 Lead).

Step 3: Product Selection

ILA-10-HL / 24 / M

M- Modified motor adapter to mount servomotor.

Figure 1


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